주식회사 태진


It is a quality policy, environment policy, and safety and health policy that are pursued to produce the best products based on the advanced technology and excellent technical skills in the rapidly changing industrial environment

Quality Policy

Achieving customer satisfaction by ensuring quality through continuous improvement of process (The utmost technology and cometitiveness)
  • Customer-oriented Quality
  • Future-oriented Quality
  • Establshing Quality System

Environmental Policy

Environmental policies aimed at securing the best production environment
  • Work Environment for Human Respect
  • Periodic on-site safety training
  • Daily and regular inspection of machinery and equipment
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations and requirements

Safety and Health Policy

Safety and Health Policy aimed at securing disaster-free production sites
  • Compliance with environmental laws and requirements
  • Efficient use and conservation of resources
  • Suppression of waste generation
  • Minimizing harmful environment on production site